My home birth story.

My home birth story.

I’d like to start by saying thanks for stopping by friends! I’m sure some of you clicked this link because you’re crunchy mamas like me who just LOVE reading other women’s birth stories, but let’s get real- Most of you clicked this thinking “HOME BIRTH…THAT B!*$% IS CRAZY!” It’s okay, trust me I hear that all the time. At one point I thought home birth was crazy too, but with the help of Ricki Lake (more on that in a minute), I was able to have a completely unmedicated, natural birth.

So I guess I should tell you how I discovered home birth right. Well. one night while scrolling through the list of documentaries on Netflix I came across “The business of being born, a documentary created by none other than….you guessed it Ricki Lake! so I won’t go into to much detail because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the film basically discusses how modern birthing practices aren’t as cutting edge and safe as you’re led to believe. I won’t say more than that because I actually want you guys to watch it (no but seriously, it’s great!). I’m sure you get the point, but what I’m saying is that film changed my life.

Alright, let’s get into the good stuff, the stuff I know you all came for. August 24th, 2016 I went into labor. I’m sorry if you’re hoping for something dramatic like my water breaking at Wal-Mart, but yeah sorry that didn’t happen. It started with some back pain; back pain that was so dull that other people had to convince me I was in labor might I add. As you can imagine the back pain got progressively worse (duh), and by about 9 pm I was like ” Damn, I might actually be in labor.” So I called my midwife Nancy (if you’re reading this Nancy you’re amazing, I love you, thanks for being fantastic), My mom, and my best friend. Everyone headed over to the house, and that’s when shit hit the fan- I mean not really but the contractions did get way worse. After everyone arrived at my house, we got the ball rolling. We grabbed the birth kit, plastic floor cover, and per my birth plan had The Golden Girls playing on TV, and got ready for a crazy ride.

Over the next eight hours, I paced around the house trying to walk through contractions.I’ll take a moment to mention that if you’re going to have a natural birth walking through your contractions is KEY. Honestly, it makes them ten times more bearable. So again over the next eight hours, I’m pacing the floor, hoping in and out of the shower, doing door squats, and sitting on a birthing stool. Finally, I make it to ten centimeters and can finally start pushing! This is the moment everyone was waiting for, pretty soon we were all going to meet my little bundle of joy. If only things could be that easy, but oh no of course not. So if you’ve never had a baby you might not understand this but pushing is basically like taking the biggest poop of your life. It literally takes ALL of the energy you have to push your tiny, wrinkly, little baby out of your body. Maybe it was just me, but after pushing for four hours….ahem louder for the people in the back. After I pushed for FOUR hours straight I was literally falling asleep on the birthing stool. Looking back on that now I’m laughing so hard because I can’t imagine how hilarious that looked.

After those four hours passed I finally got to meet my beautiful baby boy. All in all, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my birth experience. Honestly, it was amazing and beautiful. Giving birth naturally was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done, and nothing has ever made me feel more powerful but, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing boyfriend, and the truly amazing women who helped through it all. I’d like for everyone reading this to note that: 1. I didn’t mention much about the pain because obviously, it hurt everyone knows that 2. I am in no way saying that home birth is the right thing for everyone. It’s not I understand that. Home birth was just what was right for me and my family.

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